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News: Expresso Framework Struts out Release 5.5

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    The Expresso team is proud to announce the release of their open source architectural framework.
    The open source Expresso 5.5 release is a major new release with 60 new features including integration with the Apache Jakarta Struts 1.1 framework.

    Expresso breaks new ground in software with its new component manager and raises the bar by providing an architecture that is proven far and wide. Expresso is available free of charge for download at

    The Expresso 5.5 release includes 60 new features, many feature improvements, package updates, bug fixes as well as significant JavaDoc and documentation updates. Download freely from: > Download link (both Expresso source and binaries available).
    See the press release for more information.

    Highlights of the Expresso 5.5 release include:
    - Struts 1.1 Integration and enhanced Struts support
    - JSTL Integration
    - Enhanced Junit Integration
    - Updated Log Manager
    - Refactored Login and Registration Controller
    - User Login to User ID Automatic lookups and the Mappable Interface
    - Expresso Component and Configuration Runtime Library Public Preview
    - DataObject API is interface for data persistence that DBObject now implements
    - JoinedDataObject (replaces MultiDBObject)
    - DBObject improvements is where much of this release focuses including several new DBObject methods
    - DBMaint BLOB Capable among other improvements
    - XML Stylesheets are First Class Rendering Citizens
    - SQL Parsing and Range Modifiers
    - Job scheduling improvements
    - Enhanced Downloads features
    - i18n improvements: New Italian Translation, i18n at DBObject Metadata level, and ISO ValidValues
    - Many Other items including Simple Report Server, logging improvements, Application monitoring improvements etc.

    You can find a more complete overview on the Release notes:

    Please refer to the Change log for the complete list:

    Weblog demo and tutorial for Expresso 5.5 are available for download at: > Downloads link

    If it has been some time since you evaluated Expresso, please consider doing so again. Expresso is an open source architectural J2EE framework comprising application development components which extends Struts for developing database-driven web applications. Expresso has about 160,000 downloads and offers the benefit of being the largest framework community - with 34,000 registered developers.

    Special thanks to Expresso's core development team members Michael Rimov, Michael Traum (Lead Developer), David Lloyd, Larry Hamel and Peter Pilgrim for all of their dedication. These developers are available for contract work from Jcorporate's JGroup Services. This release is also credited to the many community members that have offered their contributions, support and feedback. This collaborative development synergy has created the most stable Expresso release yet.

    The Expresso Team

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    you write that Espresso has 34,000 registered developers. Can you elaborate what that is supposed to mean. 34k developers that use the framework?

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    This is the number of people who have registered on the jcorporate site - and members of our community. Typically they are developers.