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  1. JavaServer Faces 1.1 Released (7 messages)

    JavaServer Faces 1.1 has just been released:

    Following is a link for changes from 1.0 to 1.1:

    Go to the JSR 127 home page

    The Faces Console GUI tool has also been updated to support JSF 1.1:


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  2. fit for production?[ Go to top ]

    We're quite happy with our choice with JSF for the presentation tier. And I've been eagerly looking forward for the JSF RI 1.1 version because of an issue with scalability. See Sun JSF Forum. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it being mentioned as fixed in the README. If true that would mean that JSF RI is not fit for production in my opinion.
    Ofcourse JSF is just the reference implementation but I've talked to several separate developer teams that confused JSF and JSF RI and decided on not using JSF because of this scalability issue in JSF RI 1.0

    If this has not been fixed I guess we will have to move to myfaces although I was hoping we could evade this migration.

  3. myfaces[ Go to top ]

    Dear Joost,

    Thanks for you information.
    Do you have any performance firgures about MyFaces ?

  4. Java Server Face vs WebForms[ Go to top ]

    I am very interested in JSF.
    And still wondering how JSF is compare to .net's WebForm.
    I found a article about the JSF vs. WebForms comparison, the paper conclude
    that WebForm has taken a huge advance towards JSF.

    I would love to see other comparisions and comments.


  5. Java Server Face vs WebForms[ Go to top ]

    Wow. I've just started playing with .Net. I never realised how similar JSF and WebForms actually are. Thanks for the link.
  6. This comparsion is outdated. It is not based on JSF final version which is much better than version used in comparsion. For example, event handling is much better now. Also using JSF's EL make many things much simpler (updating model from view, specifying handler methods...).
    I would like to see WebForms vs. JSF comparison based on current JSF version!
  7. Java Server Face vs WebForms[ Go to top ]

    If you look at the URL you'll see that the J2EE technology could not take any advantage.. ( ...)
  8. JSF vs. Tapestry[ Go to top ]

    I was wondering if someone could compare JSF to Tapestry. They seem to fill a similar niche, and it would be nice if the "new kid on the block" could provide some comparison's against Tapestry's robustness and developer productivity.

    Also, I've heard a little bit about plugins and other tool support, but does anything in the JSF world, especially the open-source JSF world, compare to the Spindle plugin (for Eclipse)? Spindle intergrates into Eclipse and provides Tapestry-specific wizards, but also hooks into the Eclipse build process to instantly identify a large number of common coding errors at build time (rather than at runtime); it's a terrific productivity boost, even to someone well versed in Tapestry (such as myself).

    P.S. Yes, I'm grinning a little, but these are very valid questions. I get them all the time, phrased differently of course!