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    Hi everybody,
    i had two problems to share with u'r people while developing container managed entity bean persistance. 1)using Tom valesky's specification. when i'm trying to deploy entity bean(cmp)in weblogic5.1 server when i'm giving WLQL query in finder methods (if i give correctly also)some scanner exception is comming.and container is throwing an exception called 'u have to define findByPrimaryKeyMethod()in home interface.but i've defined it in home interface.i've done eactly what is there in Tomvalesky book.but still i'm getting this error. 2)using an example(account bean). here for primary key they didn't write any separate class instead they mentioned in beanclass itself.i was able to compile and generate ejbc compiler in weblogic5.1 container.but when i'm deploying container throwing an "aasertion excepion,saying unable to generate container persistance for bean due to unable to open connection pool,but i gave oracle database url,etc correct in weblogic.properties file. i'm expecting comments regarding this from u'r people

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    This is regarding ur experience with weblogic 5.1 Following are my suggestions, based on my experience with weblogic 5.1 & its documentation that I have read.

    Due to improper parameters, weblogic may not be able to create the connection pool. These parameters include user id, password, database server name, SID name of database etc.

    Oracle client needs to be installed on the machine on which Weblogic server is present. on NT, it uses weblogicoci36.dll, which is available for 4 diff types of oracle client. Based on which version of oracle client is used, appropriate folder under bin directory, should be kept in path variable. Without this dll, weblogic server cant creat connection pool.

    Also the ACL on server shold be checked, to include system, which is administrator of weblogic server, as having full right of the connection pool.