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    My requirement is something like this. Might seem a little long. :)
    Previously we had ONE app server, on which we had our application deployed. We have two parts in our aplication, one a web based "front end"(FE), and another is an independant "back end"(BE). Both of these used to run in the same app server. Now, there was a page which wud access the directory where all log files were stored and wud display it to the IT users, so that they cud access logs thru the application.

    Now, the requirement is that the FE and BE be run in two different machines. But the log files are on the BE server, while the page displaying the list must be shown from the FE server(since the users hit the FE server)

    The code to collect the files is present on the BE server also.

    When a request is to be sent from FE to BE, we need to take care of authentication also. :)
    Also, the user must not see the BE server's url.
    Is there anyway, the FE server sends a request to the BE, collects the resonse, and just posts it to the user hitting it?
  2. Have the FE server communicate with the BE server as if it were a client. In other words, write a servlet for the FE server that invokes a servlet on the BE server using the classes in the package (, and so forth). The FE servlet can get the response from the BE server as a string, then send this string to the browser using its own response output stream.