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    I am using struts 1.1, tiles and wl6.1

    My application is at localhost:port/applicname/*

    After i do a get request to localhost:port/applicname/Login.do, i do get the login page.

    However, when i do a javascript:submit(), it tries to go to
    localhost:port/Login.do instead of localhost:port/applicname/Login.do

    my form element is as follows:
    <form name="loginForm" action="/Login.do">

    Any idea why this is happening??

    my struts-config entry is as follow:


                <forward name="nextview"

    The application is deployed properly ...in an .ear file.
    that is the context of the application is set as "applicname" in the application.xml file.

    Do i need some entry in the web.xml or anywhere else that would help the browser request as localhost:port/applicname/* everytime?

    By the way how does the browser know that it has to submit to localhost:port/applicname/Login.do if the action is

    thanks a lot!
  2. Hello,

    you should use the Struts html taglib for generating the html form. it will prepend the application's name to the action path.


    <html:form action="/Login.do">