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    What diff between Struts, WebWork? Any comments are appreciated.

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    Webwork is waaayyyy more flexiable and more advanced. I find Webwork easier to use, I create way fewer hacks largely because of the flexiablity it provides. The plus on Struts is that you can find more experienced folks who know it which may be important if your org mainly just hires contractors. From an architectual view point Webwork and Struts are more similar than they are different because they both largely implement the front controller pattern, however Webwork does have a few variations of other patterns too. Compare this to Tapestry or JSF then you will get a much different picture.
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    Another huge benefit that Struts has is Appfuse. AppFuse flat out rocks! For those that don't know what AppFuse is it is primarily a Struts starter wrapper that has all of the Struts hacks already done for you. AppFuse will be ported to Webwork this summer for those want this.... and you do want this! Goggle it for more info.