TSS Java Symposium Conference Coverage and Keynotes posted


News: TSS Java Symposium Conference Coverage and Keynotes posted

  1. For those who missed TheServerSide Java Symposium in May 2004, you can get a feel for the event and learn about a lot of the topics covered through a 10,000 word article put together by the staff and attendees. Also posted are the the videos of the famous JBoss "Joker" keynote, as well as a keynote from Mike Burba of Compuware on the power of patterns.

    Over the next 8 months we will be posting more conference video and presentations from some of the best talks presented at the event, for your convenience.

    Read TheServerSide Java Symposium 2004 Conference Coverage.

    You can also watch the JBoss and Compuware keynotes here:

    A keynote provided by Onno Kluyt, JCP Chair will be posted next week.
  2. Why not embed scripting event's into the streams and change the slides at set points, should be trivial enough to do
  3. Hi Jelmer,

    With our limited video streaming skills we didn't know how to do this, or at least not consistently across Flash & Windows Media. Feel free to email me if you have any insights (floyd@tss).

  4. JSR 168 is already out[ Go to top ]

    The second page of the article states that the Portlet API - also know as JSR 168 - is "scheduled to be unveiled at JavaONE" (http://theserverside.com/articles/article.tss?l=SymposiumCoverage2004&page=thetalks#jsr168). JSR 168 was finished in October 2003 (see http://www.webservices.org/index.php/article/articleview/1477/1/0, section "Introducing JSR 168"). There are already implementations available for this standard (e.g., IBM WebSphere Portal Server and the open source Liferay - http://www.liferay.com/home/index.jsp).

    Karsten Silz
    Seldon Systems, Inc.
  5. No Iceman in Batman[ Go to top ]

    In the article you referred to the JBoss salesman as Iceman, but that's a different character, you probably mean Mr. Freeze
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