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    Hello all,

    I was thinking of trying to get certified as SCJP and I was wondering if it holds any value within the industry or is it experience that counts.

    I'd like to hear your ideas about the certification.

  2. There will be a lot of weightage for SCJP in the market
  3. There will be a lot of weightage for SCJP in the market
    Trust me there amany SCJP people I know ho have scored fairly good but it makes them no good compared to other non-SCJP guys.In the interview rounds, what you know and are capable off, really makes the difference.In this growing IT market, SCJP or non SCJP IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE !!
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    Hi, Vijay. Its very curious to see this post from you. In 2004 I was starting my carrer in development. And only now I am planning to have the SCJP. I dont know if things change or if in Brazil things are different. Completing 8 month working in India I am going for the SCJP exam. In Brazil it was quite hard to find a job without experience and without any certification. In one case I even start the interview. The guy ask: Do you have any certification? I said no and the guy: Ok so you can go home cause you dont serve for us. (Fernando Anselmo - DFJUG) He didn't ask about my experience and I think that this was wrong cause I was already doing my post graduation in Object Oriented Systems with Focus on J2EE Católica University of Brasília. So, in my opinion, sometimes a certification it makes some difference.
  5. YOU CAN CHECK mock exams that allow Exam Objectives section-wise tests ( All topics covered with explanations ).. This is best for SCJP Practice