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General J2EE: Weblogic Portal with Sun Java Application Server

  1. Hi All

    We are a bunch of school students and are trying to make a student's portal for our school and want to use weblogic portal to achieve personalization and content management but the scale limit is a hinderance and our school is not rich enough to pay for a real license.

    1. How can we make weblogic portal work with application server like Sun Java AS Platform Edition which does not have licensing issues?

    2. Does the scale limit of 5 IPs on weblogic server applies to the portal too?

    3. Can we use weblogic portal without installing weblogic server or workshop?

    Could u please help
  2. What you propose may be possible, but in practise is way too hard to do and not supportable. With BEA you have to pay to get beyond the 5 connection limit of the developer licence.

    Stick to something more simple, that will require fewer resources to run, such as Tomcat as a servlet engine. Perhaps try COCOON as the basis for your portal, start with the core (end to end) and build out. Build small pieces and integrate them often - Principle of least surprise! If you are more ambitious look at EXO portal or one of the other OpenSource projects, but remember they are all toolkits, not out of the box solutions, and have quite a large leaning curve.
    Good Luck
  3. Thanks for your suggestion Keith

    Will definitely try out these options

    Just one more thing.
    How should one progress towards learning something like Weblogic Platform.
    We know basic J2EE, HTML and XML. Could u suggest a learning path

    Thanks again