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    I would like to know your thoughts about XML/XSLT vs JSP.

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    I don't think xml will wipe off jsp technology ? what is YOUR explanation regarding this ?

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    The two are completely complementary - you could use JSP to generate XML.

    See the taglibs project at http://jakarta.apache.org/ for a nice way of doing this server-side.
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    I think XSLT is clearly a better choice for rendering a page if your presentation layer communicates with your business objects using XML. You're simply adding more complexity to your application if you try to use a jsp page to render XML data. As XML becomes more widely used I believe that technologies such as XSLT and XSP from Apache will become the preferred method of rendering dynamic content.
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    XML/XSLT works more on the representation of your data, while JSP can do more advanced stuff. As a consequence XML/XSLT is understandable for a web designer, while a programmer would find XSLT to limited. A lot of implementations I have seen and implemented myself generate the data (from whatever source) as XML using JSP (or ASP), while the webdesigner can use XML/XSLT to have the output his way.
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    rubbish guys only tell xml will kill jsp no one kill sun technologies.
  7. JSP is working more faster, and XSLT reqires more virtual memory for XML transformation.