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    Hi All,
         I have a pretty simple tiles setup.
    my tiles-defs.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

     <!DOCTYPE tiles-definitions PUBLIC
           "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Tiles Configuration 1.1//EN"
    <!-- Definitions for Tiles -->


    <!-- ======================================================= -->
    <!-- Main page layout. Root for other pages definition. -->
    <!-- ======================================================= -->

    <definition name="index" path="/WEB-INF/layouts/mainlayout.jsp">
              <put name="header" value="/WEB-INF/tiles/header.jsp"/>
              <put name="menu" value="/WEB-INF/tiles/menu.jsp"/>
              <put name="body" value="/WEB-INF/jsp/intro.jsp"/>
              <put name="footer" value="/WEB-INF/tiles/footer.jsp"/>



    <tr class="pos1">
        <td height="20" colspan="2" class="head" align="right"><h2><fmt:message key="footer.msg"/></h2>&nbsp;</td>

    Now my index.jsp which is a simple extension of the mainLayout dumps out the footer.jsp content as it is without evaluating the "fmt" tag present in it. Do I have to change something in the tiles defintion??. How do you make the jsp compiler evaluate the "fmt" tag included in the footer.jsp.

    Thanks in Advance
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    i guess u will have to have the appropriate includes in the footer tile. i guess
    u r trying to use a JSTL...in that case u shud have the approptiate struts-el tag degined in the footer.