Adobe Designer 6.0: Create smarter forms


News: Adobe Designer 6.0: Create smarter forms

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    Adobe has optimized its new release of Adobe Designer 6.0 and Adobe LiveCycle server software with the WebSphere Studio open standards environment, which embraces ebXML, XML, J2EE, and Web Services. This integration enables you to build easy, intelligent forms that combine server side business logic using HTTP, J2EE, and Web Services.

    Visit Adobe Intelligent Document Platform with WebSphere to learn more about the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform and get your free fully functional evaluation version of Adobe Designer 6.0.

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  2. dont we have flash doing that too ?
    why are companies like Adobe, MAcromedia Flash getting into this server side market. Who really would like to have one more layer between browser and app server. why make it complex ??
    also is it a good design to make ur view attached to a web service or a database or xml schema directly. ? why r we going back to bad design again ????
  3. this is for rivh client.. good move[ Go to top ]

    Macromedia Flex is very expensive. So Adobe tries to beat Macromedia on price. These tools are about building a rich client. Sometimes HTML is just not enough or too simpel to build a usable client interface.