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    I'm fairly new to J2EE development, could someone push me towards one of these development IDE's? I used NetBeans during training, but I've heard so many good things about Eclipse.

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    Hi X,

    I know both of those IDEs and I'd recommend Eclipse. If you want to get started, anyway it's better to have someone showing you all the tips or work through a good tutorial.

    In the Eclipse Workbench itself you can find good help and tutorials, but there's also a lot around in the net, for instance on

    Good luck!


  3. I've been using Eclipse for all my Java development and have been very pleased with it. We deploy on JBoss, and there is JBoss-IDE plugin for Eclipse. We use JasperReports for reporting, and there is a JasperAssistant plugin for Eclipse. Other features I really like are the "Java Browsing" view, the packaging tools, the seamless CVS over SSH integration, and the power of the Refactoring menu.

    I've played with NetBeans, but I've never really used it for a serious project, so I can't say how well it stacks up against Eclipse. Just from playing around with it, I'd say it seems a nice enough. I've been happy with Eclipse, though, so I haven't made any effort to move to a different IDE.
  4. Netbeans[ Go to top ]

    For GUI-Development use Netbens (>4.0)