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    Can anybody please tell me whether I can run and test servlets on a standalone PC? If yes , then how????
    Thanks in advance

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    download the java web server ( its free

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    or download Orion Application Server ( Copy tools.jar to c:\orion.
    You put the servlets in the default-web-app\WEB-INF\classes dir, edit web.xml (specify your servlets, check the DTD), and start Orion using
    c:\orion>java -jar orion.jar.

    Then goto http://localhost/servlet/yourservlet et voila!

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    for making servlets u must have download JSDK2.0
    u can also test your servlets
    basically there is a utility in this called servletrunner.exe
    and there is a property file called servlets
    registered your servlet there
    and then run the utility
    in IE type http://localhost/servletname
    and u find the result