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     I am looking for a java workflow engine. Any user experiences on any product pref open source will be great. We have a document management system and I think a workflow engine would help us. I found this link but I dont know which one to pick


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    You can use Enhydra Shark Workflow Engine. It's pure java based, open source workflow engine, with good GUI. You can get that from http://shark.objectweb.org/
  3. Tried JBPM[ Go to top ]

    Found poor documentation. So am dropping of my evaluation on it.
    Let me try enhydra-shark
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    Hello,I'm also looking for a good Java Workflow engine with good documentation.Do you have any engine to recommend me ?
  5. Imixs JEE Workflow[ Go to top ]

    See also the Imixs Workflow Project. Imixs Workflow is the open source BPM technology to build modern business applications even faster and flexible.