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    I have a bit of dicey situation where in am to retrieve the data...the prob is as follows...
    I have a value obj "order" that contains the instance of another value obj "pattern" which has a collection "Coll carType

    I need to retrieve the value of getCarType from the collection..Am having probs when am iterating like this...can anybody get me out of this.

    <html:select property="XXXOrderYYY">
    <logic:iterate id="ordObj" name="ActionForm" property="XXXOrderYYY" type="com.XXX.YYY.UUU.BBB.vo.order.Order" >
    <OPTION VALUE="<%=intOrderIndex%>"><%=orderobj.getOrderId)%> - <%=orderobj.getCreatedUserId()%>
    <logic:present name="pattern">
    <logic:iterate id="carObj" name="pattern" property="CarTypes" indexId="CarkindIndex" type="com.XXX.YYY.UUU.BBB.vo.order.TcsCarType" >


    Thanks very much in advance
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    From what i could understand from ur message , i feel that it would be better to create a temporary bean using <bean:define > to get the instance of "pattern" VO which u say is part of "Order " VO . once u have the instance of "pattern" VO u can use < logic:iterate > to iterate thro the collection which is part of pattern VO

    Hope that this solution works Pl reply