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    Hi all,

    We are using WebSphere Express 5.0, WAS 4.0, Struts 1.1....

    Well, here is the situation, we want to have a one single page for both first-time registration and login. But, Login and registrations are in two different WARs under one single EAR.

    How can pass one form collected in one Web application to another? (I believe one WAR can't see another, am I right?)

    Thanks in advance,


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    (1) Pass it as GET parameters
    (2) Persist in a DB and retrieve by passing a key via GET URL

    But I am unable to understand why you have different WARs for these two functions in first place!
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll try out those tips.

    Well, we have other Webapplications under same EAR, apart from those two. I'm new to the job as well as WebSphere& Struts. At first I was puzzled too, but, our architect told me that by this approach tehy can shut down one application without affecting others.

    Please tell me if we are right.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is the main advantage of having multiple .war in one .ear. You can update individual .war without affecting whole application.
    We are using WAS 6 and it has function to upgrade single module of an application(.war). Your strategy is very useful in that.
    So, you are right.
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    Hello, I am failry new to this whole idea of having multiple wars in an EAR. My question is can I have an ear in a war?? Thanks