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    Hi all,
    I am trying to call web services from a .Net server.

    I have obtained the WSDL file from the server and used various tools to generate client including
    Axis 1.1, Systinet 5.0, JAXRPC...
    But I only managed to get Systinet to generate good client code.

    It works fine from a normal client (eg:running the client from command line or calling it from Eclipse IDE).
    My problem is I want to put the client code inside an EJB and this EJB will be deployed to JBosss 3.0.4

    Currently when I do that it throws this error
    [java] org.systinet.wasp.webservice.LookupException: Error obtaining WSDL definition from http://localhost:8888/SimpleWS.wsdl

    I assume that we have to use SOAP/JMS combination to do this?

    Could anyone give me a hint on how to do nicely? and what tool is best to generate the client code for this purpose?

    Your help is much appreciated.

    PS: Similar but related, I use junit to call the client code and get the same error back.
  2. Hello There,

    We do something a bit similar, I don't know why you'd need to use
    another tool ontop of Axis, that should generate the stubs from the
    wsdl. What is worth baring in mind is that not all tools can understand
    all varients of RPC/RPC Literal Encoding/Document Literal, so make sure
    that your generation tools support them. The other thing to perhaps be
    aware of is that some WSDL files will reference the name of the server
    from which they come, in some cases tools will embed those URLS to from
    arguments for default contructors. e.g. if you access the WSDL on a server
    at http://localhost/myService.wsdl and generate client stubs, when you try
    to access the service it'll look for http://localhost which might not
    be the right place. In axis you can override this behaviour by supplying
    arguments to some of the service locator classes.