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  1. I had JBO-30003 error (I’ve not included complete stack, cause it’s scary!!) when trying to run the successfully deployed web application from tomcat.
    After switching on my computer it took about 20 minutes or less before the oracle database server was up and running. I’ve panicked few times but now I knew for sure it’s this oracle taking its time to wake up just before I might get tired and fall asleep instead. But lucky me, I managed to wait.

    And also, my Web application that I developed using JDeveloper 10g and using oracle 9i databased, I deployed on tomcat 4.1.31, I tried to deploy in the higher stable versions of tomcat before, but for some reason it just didn’t work. And rather than waiting and trying to solve the problem there, I installed the lower version of tomcat (4.1.31) and deployed it again and it worked just fine.

    I’m running windows xp pro on system of amd atholon 2000 xp, 1gb sd-ram, 128mb graphics card with 122gb hard disk, but it looks like I still need more super-fast computer, specially because running oracle database and jDeveloper consumes resources pretty good. I guess this is how all Oracles’ software are like. I might be wrong!

    Not to forget, as easy as I might find to work on windows but sure there is always something that happens unexpectedly with it and all I can do is - be amused and praise the Bill Gate for his extraordinary achievement that brought us this far.

    I might not be able to get rid of windows very soon but I’m planning to get one super system to work on Linux and with the help of kvm switch, I’ll try to keep my windows system alive, so that I can compare and see what I was really missing.

    After all this comments and complaints, all I can say at the moment for that particular error is, if you wait for awhile, it might just work…just might, while programmatically – in the grammar of programming I could also be 100% wrong. So, please note that I've just mentioned my expereince but sure you might have better solutions.
  2. Is your database really running?[ Go to top ]

    My oracle database on a simarly speced machine (although with less graphics memory) takes around 45 seconds to start from cold so you have some other issue there (Virus checker?)
    However JBO-30003 is generally either a simple misconfiguration in the bc4j.xcfg file - e.g. the JDBC connection information is wrong. Or the database is simply not available - in this case maybe that is the issue given how log the database is taking to start up. Can you connect to the database via any other tools e.g. Oracle's SQL*Plus or even the database connection browser in JDeveloper?
  3. Is your database really running?[ Go to top ]

    I can connect to my database without any problem, sql plus works as well.
    My whole deployed application works just fine and works with oracle database as well.
    There is no problem at all.
    What sort of problem this virus checker can create?