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    Hi All
    I am new in using webservises. Currently I am using Oracle JDeveloper as development tool which uses Oracle Application Server 10g. This tool is creating my webservices and they are also running but i am unable to access them. When ever i run my jsp page which uses the webservices i have created, following excpetion is generated

    "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 10G\jdev\bin" i am unable to locate in which class this exception is generated.

    Moreover please guide how can i call a webservice from my JSP Page.

    Tahnks ....

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  2. Try to use Apache Axis[ Go to top ]

    This is a simple way to create webservice client.

    I don't really know your problem is, but I guess you should be sure that 10G\jdev\bin is on the JSP path.

    May help.
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    For a clear description of the mechanics of a JSP invoking a webservice take a look at the following:

    If that doesn't help to futher diagnose your problem I really need a more detailed description of the environment and the steps you've taken to deploy the service:

    1) Are you deploying the JSP to the same server instance (JDev OC4J instance?) as the web service? If not what is the JSP/client side platform?
    2) Which code generation option did you choose when deploying the service?

    A more detailed description would be really helpful for diagnosing your problem.
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    Did you make any changes Embedded OC4J Command Line properties in the project which has the JSP ?

    These properties are available in the J2EE section of the project properties ?