I am using Lomboz213 plugin with Eclipse 2.1.3. I am actually using Lomboz only for the purpose of auto-generating the XDoclet tags for the beans. Later i am using <ejbdoclet> task in Ant to generate the remote interfaces etc...
 I generated an Stateless session bean using Lomboz wizard through Eclipse. The class was generated successfully along with the following tags:

 * @ejb.bean name="TrialEJB"
 * jndi-name="TrialEJBBean"
 * type="Stateless"
 * This is needed for JOnAS.
 * If you are not using JOnAS you can safely remove the tags below.
 * @jonas.bean ejb-name="TrialEJB"
 * jndi-name="TrialEJBBean"

So far its fine. Now i want to auto-generate:
and other such tags.

Is there any way by which i can do this through Lomboz. Or is there any other plugin that i can use to auto-generate XDoclet tags for the EJBs.

Thank you.