will <html:link> submit the form details?


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  1. will <html:link> submit the form details? (3 messages)

    well, when we use submit button, the form details gets submitted, whereas, in case of links say,

    <html:link action="/cart/addToCart.do"><html:img src="/icons/KWcontinue.gif" border="0"/></html:link>

    so, in my page, with an image of "KWcontinue.gif" only, i could navigate to next page. and here, i culd specify the action to take but the form details are not getting submitted (means, not calling setter methods of form-bean). i don't want to use buttons here........

    how shld i go abt it....
  2. Why not just use javascript, something like:

    <A HREF="javascript:doSubmit()">Link Title Here</A>
  3. that works fine with javascript, but i thought of using without javascript in struts. anyhow, thanks truman.
  4. input type="image"[ Go to top ]


    HTML have a better way to do submit by click on a image.