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    Hi ,
    I'm trying to implement spring in between tapesty and hibernate . The problem i am confronted with , is that even though one of Spring's biggest mottos is not to lock you in , they sure made it quite difficult to use any of it's better features without Spring - MVC .

    I am trying to call a dao object , which i've declared into spring as a bean . The problem is that to get this bean , the object that calls it from spring , must be managed by spring . Tapestry Pages and components arn't ...

    Spring provides this documentation : http://www.springframework.org/docs/reference/view.html#view-tapestry for integrating it with tapestry , but after following the steps there , i noticed the docuemntation couldn't have been ever tested , because some methods that are called , are mispelled .

    My question is , if anybody has ever implemented tapestry with spring , and if so , how did they do it .

    I'm trying to find at least a person that has implemented this , based on that method / documentation , in which case i can safely look for problems in my code ... but right now i've written an entire test application for this , with very simple code , i just don't know where else i'd have an error .


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    I am also used tapestry and spring. What I am doing is to get the spring application context object at init() method of my servlet and stores it. Later the defined dao object can be retrieved through getBean("dao") method of that context. All tapestry pages and components are not managed by spring here.

    I do not know if this is your concern. If it does, you may goto http://www.luntsys.com/luntbuild/ to get source codes of my implementation. It is an open source project using tapestry, spring and hibernate.
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     I just did implement the Tapestry with the Spring & Hibernate using the document you have mentioned. I think I will be able to give you some help to find out the problem (If u still havent found the error).

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    I used the same reference and i could get the reference for beans defined in Spring. but:

    1. Its not so much fun to put in every single .page. is there a way to make a Spring bean definition avaliable to all the Tapestry Pages?

    2. The same procedure doesn´t apply to Custom components...is there a similiar way? or just get the context and then the bean in you java code?