Oak Grove Systems Releases Reactor 6.0


News: Oak Grove Systems Releases Reactor 6.0

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    Oak Grove Systems, the business process management (BPM) software company, today announced general availability of Reactor 6.0, its latest BPM suite focused on meeting the needs of enterprise environments. Reactor 6.0 now allows enterprises to automate processes that span .NET and Java applications.

    Reactor 6.0 is comprised of three loosely coupled, but tightly integrated components: Reactor Process Studio, a visual process designer for defining complex process flows, Reactor Process Engine, a Java-based execution framework, and Reactor Process Manager, a browser-based user interface for accessing work lists, tracking progress, and monitoring system activity.

    View the Reactor 6.0 home page
  2. Although I'm sure this is all good stuff, I have to say, skimming this late at night I swear it sounded like something out of Dilbert. "Business Process Management", "loosely coupled but tightly integrated", and so on. I'll apologize in advance to anyone offended, and to be constructive, I'll suggest that maybe if there concrete examples of how business process management works, that would be great.