Error in starting Administrative's Console in Websphere


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Error in starting Administrative's Console in Websphere

  1. I installed IBM Websphere an successfully started IBM WebSphere Administrative Service on Windows 2000. The admin.config file mentions 2222 as the bootstrapport. I tried starting admin console by running admminclient.bat passing in "localhost" and "2222" as the parameters for host and port. But, the service fails to start. The error that I get is
    "55cc3e00 Repositort CLi W caught NamingException exception while getting initial context."
    ANy feedback on this would be appreciated. Please suggest any solution isn detail.

  2. Hi,
    imp: Which version of WebSphere(was) are you working with?
    ---Is that version supported on Win 2000?--

    Did you get the console atleast once after installing?
    Did you change any settings?
    Need more details including admin.config, sas.server.props
    and from logs dir the following files: was db log, trace file (if debug enabled), std_err and std_out files.