Grand Logic is pleased to announce the release of JobServer 1.2. JobServer is a Java based job scheduling and workflow server.

JobServer has an extensive set of scheduling rules and a host of supporting applications to empower users to configure, run and monitor jobs at an enterprise level.

Release 1.2 is a major milestone for JobServer. With this release, JobServer is now fully supported on the Microsoft Windows platform. Several major features have been added and expanded including improved application usability. New features available in 1.2 include:

  - Microsoft Windows support, this includes 2000 and XP.
  - Expanded hyper-threading support allowing for greater degree of concurrency and threading during job scheduling and processing.
  - Built in jobs that can run bash/sh/perl/C++ scripts on Unix/Linux and batch files on Windows.
  - Advanced search features to quickly find job or group of jobs you are interested in.
  - Enhanced support for SSL.
  - Priority based queuing.
  - Expanded reporting tools.
  - Improved application usability.
  - Point and click configuration of TaskBean workflows, allowing TaskBeans to share and pass JavaBean properties with no programming required.

JobServer is geared to toward organizations needing a highly scalable and manageable job processing environment, where features like scheduling precision, reliability, detailed tracking and monitoring are vital. Some of the features available in JobServer include:

  - No programming required to compose and schedule a job.
  - Easy to use web based GUI.
  - Processing and scheduling power can scale with hardware.
  - Capable of handling the configuration and processing of tens of thousands of jobs.
  - Create and manage Job Partitions and Job Groupings.
  - Detailed job run accountability and tracking.
  - Job time versioning (effective dating/versioning of job properties).
  - Job dependency scheduling (job A depends on job B).
  - Rich set of scheduling rules.
  - Support for multiple databases including Oracle, PostgreSQL and MYSQL.
  - Open and easy to use developer API.
  - Cascading email alerts and notifications for users and administrators.
  - Run your own job statistics report on performance and response times.
  - User audit trail.
  - Many more.....

JobServer is extended using the TaskBean API. This is an open and extensible developer API available for building component based jobs. TaskBeans can be composed into workflows and packaged into jobs.

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