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    How does Lucene's text search capabilities and performance compare to that of Oracle Text(Oracle Text has full text search capabilities). Can someone please elaborate on this ?
  2. Lucene has an oustanding performance. Probabely, even better than Oracle full-text search.

    However, if you are looking in an internationalized search (by far, if your text is in any other language except English, German or French) Lucene may not be very suitable unless you write an extensiion to it to adopt to your locale/language.

    Oracle comes with more locales supported out-of-the-box.

    And yeah - Lucene is open-source :) I think I know some people who appreciate that a lot.
  3. Hi there!

    We've used Oracle text search capabilities (specially intermedia features) for almost two and half years for our search engine (, but due a lack of performance, we started to evaluate other technologies, mainly not based on database plugins or add-ons.

    Lucene fits perfect for this kind of jobs. You can construct your lucene index taking your db content and reindexing your content using any strategy suitable for your project. In our case, our site is a news-content site and index incrementally our database twice a day and the performance is outstanding.

    If you are planning to migrate from oracle text search to lucene, don't wait, lucene gives you a lot of functionality to get the job.
  4. Hi All, I recently did some performance tuning exercise for a J2EE application which uses oracle text search. Based on that experience I would recommend that before stating that it has performance issues, you may want to try to tune the tables and queries and see whether the tuned system meets your performance requirements or not. I have posted the details of the tuning exercise at my blog at the following location. Regards, Samarth Bhargava
  5. Hello,

    Are you able to tell me how to write an extension to Lucene to adopt it to polish language?

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  6. Have you looked at this Looks like it may be a bit old, but might be a good starting point.
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    Yes, I looked at it, but I don't know how to integrate Stempel with Lucene or Xapian. The hitch is that probably I must be able to change some files/libraries from original Lucene's stemmer (snowball). But is it possible to do so? Can anybody tell about it? Anybody changed language in this way?