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    Hi All

    I have a requirement like this.

    A java client application (can be a web based or a standalone java app) which makes a query to a remote server (again java). The server is to process this query, get some values from the DB and build an xml file and return it back to the client. There can be mulitple clients sending queries to the server. What would be the best way to implement this and why?

    Is it a good idea (in terms of performance and reliability) to implement this using SOAP with attachments? But in that case, will I be able to use this from non web based java clients? How about XML-RPC?

    Please help !!

    Thanx and Regards
    Biju Nair
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    What I understand from your query is that, you are trying to build an application which gets the data from the app (server) through TCP/IP to the client(s). Its a kind of replication process you are trying to achieve by replicating the data from server to client(s). Tell me whether your server app will run on a web-server, it has to if it is on TCP/IP, then your web-server will take care of handling the multiple requests(clients). You can connect to this server from any java client using the URL connection to connect to the server IP and getting the data from the server. The server application will query the DB, prepare an XML and send it back to client in the form of a buffered stream. Client receives it and parses and does whatever with that data in the form of XML. Let me know whether I have answered your query.