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    Recently (around four days ago) I posted a news item and it still didn't appear on TSS page. Also, I didn't receive any feedback on sending questions to news at theserverside dot com.

    The news item was about TMate v1.5 release ( Should I repost my message?

    Alexander Kitaev.
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    I also posted an article about using velocity as a rule engine and it also didn't appear on TSS. Is there any way to keep track of our posting?

    If there is some problem with content then, do let us know but it doesn't make any sense that we don't get any feedback and article doesn't appear as well.
  3. It seems that the "normal" way of posting Press releases for products ending in a blackhole. Also requesting a reason for not being posted are not answered. So either I (we) all did something wrong, than I would appreciate any kind of information what exactly that was or we all have to put press releases on new (innovative) software multiple times which is not a good net behavior.
    I am really interested in the propper way to post a News Post for the front page.
    Jochen Grotepass

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