Fiorano announces the release of FioranoMQ 8.0


News: Fiorano announces the release of FioranoMQ 8.0

  1. FioranoMQ 8.0 delivers significant enhancements for enterprise-grade messaging in a number of key areas, from improved enterprise management capabilities and new administrative/configuration tools to a new Component Assembly Framework that allows for more efficient in-process message routing and dispatching.

    New Features

    “Software-Only” High Availability — Added to the existing Shared Disk High Availability (HA) options, FioranoMQ 8.0’s software-only option allows enterprises to deliver HA without imposing any specific hardware requirements, thus greatly reducing the overall cost of implementing HA features;

    Dynamic Subscription Propagation — To maximize efficiency of Wide Area Network deployments, options have been re-introduced to route messages across multiple MQ servers only if subscribers exist on the receiving end;

    J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) Adapters — Enables bi-directional integration with any J2EE container, supporting distributed transactions (XA) between Fiorano MQ and application-server resources;

    JMX-Based Monitoring and Administration — Users can now make fine-grain runtime monitoring and administration adjustments to server components using Java Management Extensions (JMX) that expose all Managed Objects, Attributes, Operations and Notifications;

    Configuration Tool — A new tool integrated within Fiorano Studio for configuring a selected profile, allowing simpler configuration of options like Database URI, username/password, Naming Service bindings and more;

    Full Feature C/C++ Client Libraries — Provides natively cross-compiled, JNI-based C/C++ libraries and thin C/C++ native libraries with a full list of features including XA, HA, and client-side persistence;

    NIO-Based Connection Manager — A new connection management module to maximize FioranoMQ server scalability on all Java platforms, using JRE 1.4+ based NIO support.

    New Component Adapter Framework
    Enabling many fresh capabilities in FioranoMQ 8.0 is a new Component Adapter Framework. The framework, which includes a container and core server components such as the Naming Service, Connection Manager, Repeater, and Bridge Manager among others, allows all components to be embedded within the server process, thus allowing more efficient routing and dispatching as well as centralized management.

    The Component Adapter Framework configuration also provides unprecedented control in the hands of system administrators, not only for choosing a deployment profile which exactly matches requirements, but also for maximizing the utilization of available resources.

    To obtain the complete release notes for FioranoMQ 8.0, go to

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  2. C++ transactions[ Go to top ]

    How do you integrate C++ client invocations in a XA?
  3. XA with C++ clients[ Go to top ]

    FioranoMQ's C++ client runtime actually runs over the cross-compiled version of it's Java client runtime. So, all facilities available to the Java clients (XA, Client side persistence and the like) are available to C++ clients as well. Note, this version of the C++ runtime does not require the JRE to be installed.

    But if all you wanted was a sample program illustrating XA in C++ clients, you can find the same with the non-java client installer available at :).