Advice on j2ee application server!! (newbie here)


EJB design: Advice on j2ee application server!! (newbie here)

  1. Hi,

    I am a student & want to know why one cannot use Sun Application Server that comes along with J2EE1.4.sdk cannot be used in developing j2ee components.

    Why do we have WebLogic server, Websphere etc??

    Please throw some light on me.

    Thanks & Regards
    Srinivas Vemuri
  2. Please clarify your question.

    Cheers and happy coding,
  3. My possible wrong opinion.[ Go to top ]

    Hmm, i'm a newby myself, so i guess that i'm not the right one to answer such i question... but, i guess you could very well use the j2ee aplication server that comes with the sdk. Well since those other aplication server cost money they must bring something more maybe say in the deployment phase new deployment descriptors for enhanced security and resource optimisation, faster deployment time, suport for clustering maybe, or stuff that are not as evident for us newbs yet. It sounds to me like a debate on Linux distros.