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    Hi All
      My application is a java batch application, which executes certain batch of work and sends a status mail once the batch of work is done. I am using java mail to send the email. My mail client is Lotus Notes. If i give the group name in the "To" block, the mail class does not throw any exception and runs fine but i do not recieve the status mail. If i give my mail id in the "To" block, it sends me a status mail.

    In short, i am not able to send emails to a particular group through java mail. can anybody let me know what's the problem.

    Thanks in advance

    Makarand Parab
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    Java does not know anything about Lotus Notes - all you can do with JavaMail is send normal email to normal email addresses. But I'm sure your Lotus Notes installation provides an external email address for the group (unless it is private).