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    Hi all,

    I am a newbie in this portlet technology, though I have experience in jsps and servlets. I understood the concept of Portlet and portals, but I need help in deploying a simple portal.

    1. What all software should I need for portal to work? (like what application servers, what jar file etc...)
    2. Where can I get them and how to configure them?

    I tried downloading jetspeed 2, but I could not fina a place to download. I found a place only to get the source, but how can I compile them. I installed maven 1.0.2, but I dont know what to do with that. I also downloaded pluto, but How should I go about it.

    Any help, tutorials, articles would be appreciated.

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    To quote your typical consultant: "That depends. What's your budget?". I've played around with Jetspeed 1, but not Jetspeed 2. It does look like you have to build the code yourself, but that shouldn't be TOO bad ;) At least the instructions look easy.
    If you're in a hurry, try Jetspeed 1. It would give you a good starting point.

    If you have the budget, take a look at IBM's WebSphere Portal. The latest Rational Application Developer (used to be called WebSphere Studio App Dev, but it's all still Eclipse) has made it FAR easier to develop portals (compared to earlier releases). I don't recommend the earlier versions.

    Hope it helps.

    Randall Maier
    Versant Corporation.
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    Has somebody allready done a project with Jetspeed-2 or a 168-conformant late Jetspeed-1 version and would share experiences?

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    Thanks Dude,
    I downloaded Jetspeed15., but now my manager has asked me to work in gridsphere. So I now configured the gridsphere server and got the index page.
    Now I need to configure portal examples in that.
    thanks for your help dude.
  5. now my manager has asked me to work in gridsphere 2

    my god ~!

    I also need help ,I'll pay attention to you :)
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    One can refer the following blog http://portlets-jsr168.blogspot.com/2005/07/newbie-to-portlets.html
     and other links that are mention there.