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News: AspectWerkz 2.0 final is out

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    AspectWerkz 2, a complete rewrite of the core weaver and container, has been released. Changes from 1.x include being completely based on static compilation for better performance, aspects from other frameworks can run within AspectWerkz, and aspects can be both hot-deployed and undeployed at runtime, among others. AspectWerkz implements the full semantics of AOP as defined by AspectJ.

    Checkout What's new in 2.0, and the download and release notes.

    Also recently, The AspectJ and AspectWerkz projects have agreed to work together as one team to produce a single aspect-oriented programming platform building on their complementary strengths and expertise. The first release from this collaboration will be AspectJ 5, which extends the AspectJ language to support an annotation-based development style in addition to the familiar AspectJ code-based style. AspectJ 5 will also provide full AOP support for the new Java 5 language features.

    According to Alex Vasseur and Jonas,
    You can now use this final version while beeing on the starting block for the upcoming versions of AspectJ 5 that will include support for our annotation defined aspect as well as similar load time weaving capabilities, among others, making the transition as smooth as possible.
    AspectWerkz 2.0 articles/tutorials on TSS:
    AspectWerkz 2.0: Plain Java AOP, Java 5 Annotations, and EJB 3 Transactions.
    AspectWerkz 2: An Extensible Aspect Container.

    Recent related news (posted by co-founder of the AspectWerkz AOP framework, Alex Vasseur):
    AspectWerkz 2.0.RC2 is released with an Eclipse Plugin.
    AspectWerkz 2.0 RC1 is released.

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  2. what about the license[ Go to top ]

    i really need to know ,after the merge of force,what will be the license,is it CPL or LGPL?
    is there any plans to swich to a more liberal license such as apache or bsd to b more commercial friendly?
    psss. i really respect the cpl and the LGPL
  3. what about the license[ Go to top ]

    AspectJ 5 will be released under CPL.
    AspectWerkz will continue to be released under LGPL.
    In what way is CPL too restrictive for you?

  4. merging still?[ Go to top ]

    I thought you guys were merging with AspectJ and AW was EOL? Is this the last release of AspectWerkz?