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    I get the distinct impression noone from TSS reads these but you could really do with a better way of filtering out troll posts on TSS.COM in particular. They are less of an issue in TSS.NET because the number of both comments and trolls seem to be smaller. The "mark as noisy" feature isn't really cutting it any more presumably because so many threads consist of so much noise people can't be bothered to do the marking. Maybe you could take a leaf out of the Slashdot book and have ratings for posts (or posters) that certain people are allowed to effect.

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    Hi Charles, that is a feature we've thought of. Originally we didn't think we'd need it but you're right - the threads are so popular now that it may be time...

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    Another idea to cut down the trolling on might be to cease posting flaimebait topics like "Is <hyped scripting language> killing Java?" or "Thoughtleader declares Java programming futile" or "Why EJB3 will always be better than JDO"...

    Granted, that's a bit exaggerated now, but a substantial part of the last week of "news" was composed by echoing opinions that had as much meat as Hani's rants (yeah, pun intended). If you point to some people's blogs, try at least to make sure that these have substance and are not just full of hot air, or ad hominem attacks.

    Just my 2 cents,