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    i have a small problem with struts actions.

    When i call a Action, for example Login.do, and this Action calls a site, e.g. login.jsp, in the Browser navigation bar always stands the ..../Login.do, instead the login.jsp.

    I call the login.jsp in the Login-Action with

    How can i provide that the Browser shows the jsp-site in the nav bar and not the Action name?

    Thx Naggi
  2. <action>
      path= "/somerequest"
      <forward name="Success" path="/action/xys" redirect="true"/>
      <forward name="Failure" path="/somejsp.jsp" redirect="true"/>
  3. But this has disadvantage, that all request attributes have to be put into session!!

    And it is not good practise. Why would like you to show the jsp?
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    change .do to whatever you want. Modify your web.xml to foward requests *.htm or *.xyz or whatever. Then the users type that into the browser bar and it is sent as your struts action. Otherwise, maybe use a response redirect after processsing. There's no good technical reason not to show the users the .do extension in the browser as far as I can figure. So maybe allowing them to type in something more familiar and forward that to struts is what you're looking for.