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    In February this year Macromedia announced the release of Coldfusion MX 7. CF is actually a J2EE app that interprets a simple, tag-based language called the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). Key new features include the ability to interact with any network protocol beyond HTTP, flash-based and Xforms support, simple PDF creation, and that an entire application can now be stored as an EAR or WAR file.

    Other improvements include:
    • Application events now allow developers to execute code at specific points during the execution of a request, such as onApplicationStart() or onError(). The onSessionEnd() event fires when a user's session times out and is a capability that has been requested for many years.
    • Web services creation has been improved, including the ability to specify custom WSDL for a web service, and generating document-literal WSDL in addition to RPC.
    • XML data can now be validated against a DTD or XML Schema using the XMLValidate() function.
    • Charting and graphing looks better than ever, with numerous new options for style and display.
    • The included Verity search engine has been upgraded, and now supports alternative spelling suggestions and categories.
    • The Query of Queries functionality is now more lenient about casting your data to various underlying Java data types, and also allows for specification of Java data types when constructing a query manually using the query functions.
    • Greatly expanded data validation options, form validation options, and automatic protection against cross-site scripting attacks. For example, new data validation types for the tag now include credit card, URL, European dates, and XML.

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