Is it possible for an client to access server dir?? reply asap


General J2EE: Is it possible for an client to access server dir?? reply asap

  1. Is it possible to develop an application where i could upload a file from my local machine to desired destination on server, the operating system on which i am running is linux. Right now i am developing my applications as tomcat user, so if i got to browse and select source file and destination directory, how should i get the parameters and proceed, I could able to upload a file to prespecified destination and it is working fine.. and i used jason hunter classes for this.
    Any help or guidance from you is appreciated
  2. Hi,

    It is not possible to browse the server's directory from clien's machine. The alternative solution is defining the destination path at server dynamically based upon logged in user or based upon the uploaded file (as per requirements).

    Anil Sadineni.
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    thx anil.. one more question.. if i got to develop an application is it that all servlets/jsp files to be in one directory in web-inf/classes or jsp in public_html and servlets in classes.. is either way fine or which one is better.
  4. Sravanthi,

    Best way is to keep the jsp pages outside WEB-INF directory unless you need to to restrict user from accessing the jsp pages direct. As per spec, keep your servlet classes in <WEB-INF/classes> and jsps outside the WEB-INF directory.

    Anil Sadineni.