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    Dear sir,
                 we are devolping a project in EJB.For Unit Testing of EJB Junit can be used.for Black box testing,Regression testing can u suggest me some tools.

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  2. Take a look at EJBTest. I have some experience with their product and it worked well for me.

  3. thanks for ur reply.i have gone through the some web sites and books,some tools like Junit(,ejbquick but i think these tools for unit testing(white box testing --procedural).i want some testing tools for black box testing which is non-procedural.can u suggest me in this regard.

  4. Try Mercury LoadRunner -- They are a load test utility, but they have scripting languages that implement a level of black box testing, too.

  5. Dear Tylor,
         really thanks for ur reply and ur valuable suggestion.i visited that website.but i could not found any meterial related to Black box testing of EJBs.if u can pls give me some more detailed information.

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  6. Well, you really can't black-box test your EJBs since they will always be wrapped by some sort of Java client or Web-Based client. Mercury LoadRunner and other products like it test the entire stability of your application or site, which in turn black box tests your EJBs. If you only want to test your EJBs, you will have to use a white-box testing tool like EJBTest.

  7.      thanks for ur reply.with Mercury load runner we can test the overall performance of the application.I think u r aware of MVC Pattern(Model,view,control)(jsp->servlet->Ejb).In such cases how can i do Testng(Black box) for my EJB applications.if it is wrapped by Web_Based client then how will i do Black box testing for EJB's

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  8. Check out SilkPilot a product from Segue. It's purpose is for functional and regression testing of middle-tier servers that are developed using Corba and EJBs