The changes to the licensing model, have largely been driven by Sun, as the current license decision maker, with a large amount of input from, and consultation with, the Jini community, which was begun in earnest, at the 7th Jini Community Meeting in Boston last year, and also brought up during the 8th Meeting at London in December.

Of note, is the way in which Sun's Jini team have listened to the community, in view of the adoption concerns regarding a 'MIT License + PNAP (Patent Non-Assertion Promise)', and the community's greater wish to move to a more recognisable and wider-used license such as ALv2 - Sun are to be commended for appreciating the wishes of the Jini community in this regard.

Quote of announcement
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 + JavaSpaces extension - adds new methods that enable many-to-many
  communications and batch operations using a JavaSpaces service
+ Ant build support - for generating binaries and documentation from
  starter kit source code
+ ConfigurationFile additions - support string concatenation and
  subclass exception control
+ EnvCheck tool - performs runtime environment validity checks
+ Installer - graphical starter kit installer, also verifies
  environment settings
+ JAR file changes - improve network security posture, and facilitate
  patching for layered systems
+ JoinManager additions - support for proxy replacement and
  configurable lease renewal intervals
+ Mailbox extension - provides pull-style access to the event mailbox
+ Multihomed host support - Jini ERI and discovery utilities now
  attempt connections to all of a host name's IP addresses
+ PreferredListGen tool - generates preferred class information for
  downloadable JAR files
+ Reggie enhancements - support for proxy evolution
+ Tool wrappers - executable JAR wrapper files for all tools in the
  starter kit