Matthias Bohlen, the founder of the AndroMDA project, is an expert in Model Driven Architecture and AndroMDA technology and designed a series of training courses that will give users the knowledge they need to make the most out of AndroMDA.

Whether you are a manager and ask yourself which impact MDA may have on your project or whether you are a software architect or developer, looking to use Model Driven Architecture to create a robust and responsive application - in-depth, hands-on training will take you through open source MDA and teach you how to optimize AndroMDA for your needs.

Explore the internals of MDA and the AndroMDA code generation framework together with a person who shares the passion for communicating what MDA is about. This is a unique offering in the industry where you learn directly from the creators of the technology.

Public training sessions are unique experiences. You meet your peers while immersing yourselves in the inner workings of AndroMDA. Trainings take place at high level business hotels.

You will need to bring your own laptop computer for all public technical courses.

Private hands-on training courses enable you to train a team of developers at one time at your own site. There is also some flexibility in the course curricula allowing you to tailor the training course to meet your specific needs - both in terms of subject matter and knowledge-level of your staff. Contact, we'll find a way to satisfy your needs!

The next public AndroMDA Boot Camp takes place from April 25 to April 28 in Bonn, Germany. Register online at . In the boot camp, I'll guide you from scratch to writing your own AndroMDA cartridge in only 4 days time! I am looking forward to welcome you there, and I promise: it will be an exciting camp!

Matthias Bohlen