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    Gidday all,

    I've got a few comments about the TSS HTML/layout that have been bugging me, and I thought I'd drop them in here, and see what you people thing. Don't get me wrong, I really like the overall look and feel of the site.

    1) It looks like every page has 260 lines (5.7KB) of javascript at the top. Plus another couple of hundred in the page. The main page is nearly 30% javascript. This is bad for page-load performance, and file-size. Can't it be changed to a linked .js file? I know a bit of it does pre-load of images, but once that's loaded, it'll have the same effect. A seperate file can be cached by the browser, and not loaded for non-js capable clients. It'll save a bit of bandwidth for you guys too.

    2) On the page header, if the browser window is less than about 880 pixels wide, the banner wraps badly. While most people have screens with higher resolution than this, we usually have many applications open at the same time.

    2b) In a similar vein, does the RSS feed really need to be a button? It contributes to the overly wide screen.

    Cheers, Simon

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  2. CSS errors[ Go to top ]

    There also appears to be some errors in the page CSS. Such as:

    - doubled-up "font-family" takes in /style/sitecommon.css

    - the "white-space" property should have a value of "normal" not "wrap".

    - in a few places there are missing units (px) on border widths.

  3. Hello,

    I have a comment about the usability of the discussions on TSS. It doesn't seem to be possible to edit a post once it has been submitted. This is a bit problematic to me because there seems to be no way to correct typos, errors, omissions, etc. once I've hit the reply button. Many boards and forums allow users to edit their messages after posting. Is this possible on TSS? If not, there any plans to implement this feature?

  4. Case in point...

    I forgot to mention that one implementation of this that I like allows the user to edit the post for 90 minutes after posting. This way you can't come back two weeks later and change history, but at least you can fix typos, etc.
  5. This is on our development feature list and we should hopefully get to it in the next couple of months.