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    When i,m trying to deploy an example ststeless session bean
    in weblogic5.1 , i am getting the following error message.
    My working dir is .\test. and when i am trying to generate
     the container classes using ejbc , i'm getting the error
    Error:ejbc found errors
    i would appreciate if anyone could suggest a solution to this problem.thanx in advance

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    Before creating stubs/skeleton using weblogic.ejbc
    compiler, you must run setenv.bat file.This
    will solve your probs

    With Regards,
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    If u installed jdk1.3 in u'r machine this problem arises.

    So try ejbc again after deleting java.exe from winnt or windows directry.

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    I've met this problem too,why?My OS is win2000,and on my workmate's computer,everything is ok.Sara,I've done something according your advice,but no use.could u give me other advice,thx.
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    Hi yang,
    I'm also using win2000
    When i faced the same problem i removed the file java.exe from winnt\system32 directory.. It worked for me..
    The problem is bec of ejbc using windows jre..
    Sorry i'm not able to figure out u'r problem..