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    I have following style of
       Start Transaction
         Update Row
       End Transaction
    and we are working with J2ee 1.2, Struts 1.1, WebSphere Application Server 4.0.7 and Oracle 9. In normal scenarios its running fine. But if more than one users access this code simaltaneously mean one has updated record and going to End Transaction and other comes and tries to Update the Same Row Record in the DB that First one updated. I got a lock in the DB. Is there any one who helps Me.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hhm, please care to explain what behavior (other than that)
    you expected? What error message ("lock") are you getting?

    Can't really follow you here (e.g. "select for update ..."
    and two sessions approaching the same row, what should
    the DB do?)

    Kind regards,