TestNG 2.3 Released; Joins OpenSymphony Group


News: TestNG 2.3 Released; Joins OpenSymphony Group

  1. TestNG 2.3, the next generation testing framework, has been released. TestNG is a testing framework using annotations to provide a more powerful options to test code in various ways: unit, regression, functional, integration, etc.

    TestNG has also joined the OpenSymphony Group (home of WebWork, SiteMesh, OSCache).

    New features in v2.3 include:

    - the ability to annotate methods for setup and tear down functions beforeSuite, afterSuite, beforeTest, afterTest
    - Revamped ant task with haltonfailure and other helpful flags
    - Better stack traces and improved level control for verbosity
    - Better syntax for including and excluding methods in testng.xml
    - Test classes can be invoked on the command line
    - ... and many bug fixes.

    The documentation has also been considerably improved (highlighted code snippets, ant task and description of all the new features).

    Cedric Beust started TestNG out of frustration with JUnit deficiencies. Read an overview of the main features.

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    My Congrats!

    I just noticed in the plugin window (that shows tests execution) when I do right click menu on the existing test... menu items have strange text labels (looks like it is missing recources)


    Is it a bug?
  3. My Congrats[ Go to top ]

    Yes, it looks like we forgot a few messages in the resource catalog. We'll fix them.