Struts: what do you use action forms for?


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  1. Turns out, that my way of using action forms differs from many other Struts users' habits. I am wondering how other Struts developers use action forms. Obviously, if you do not use Struts, you do not need to answer.

    You can answer here in the thread, or in the poll form, which I created on my site: But please, don't answer in both places.

    What is your preferred way to use action forms?
    #1 Prefer not to use action forms at all
    #2 For input data only (collected from HTML form)
    #3 For output only (to be used in JSP)
    #4 Same form for input and output
    #5 One form for input, another for output
    #6 Other

  2. #2 (or #4 if you count prefilling a form as output)
  3. #4
  4. #2