Apple WebObjects 5 to follow Mac OS X in early 2001


News: Apple WebObjects 5 to follow Mac OS X in early 2001

  1. At this years Mac World Expo, a pre-release of Web Objects 5 was available for developers to play with which included all of 4.5's features but in pure Java. There is no current downloadable beta, but WebObjects 5 is promised to be available soon after Mac OS X ships in early 2001.

    From the Web Objects Support forum:

    Dear WebObjects Community,

    As we begin 2001, WebObjects continues to remain a central piece of Apple's Internet strategy, as a key way to connect Mac customers to enterprise systems. Even though we weren't in the MacWorld keynote, there was a lot of WebObjects news at this year's MacWorld San Francisco.

    Highlights includes:

    1. WebObjects 5 public showing - MacWorld offered developers their first chance to play with a pre-release of WebObjects 5 for Java. WebObjects 5 does everything WebObjects 4.5 does - all in 100% Pure Java. It also features even more Java classes, including ones not wrapped in WebObjects 4.5. If you're near San Francisco, come see it fly on a dual-processor PowerMac G4 running Mac OS X, using the new Project Builder! WebObjects 5 for Java will be available in early 2001, soon after Mac OS X ships. We have not made any announcements when or how a beta might be released.

    2. Announcing WebObjects 4.5.1 - adding support for Mac OS X! Apple will release an update of WebObjects 4.5 for all platforms (Mac OS X Server 1.2, Windows NT/2000, Solaris, and HP-UX), featuring the latest bug fixes (including those in Update 3). In addition, we will be providing a special version of WebObjects 4.5.1 which will allow you to run Objective-C applications on Mac OS X (Java applications will need to use WebObjects 5 for Java). WebObjects 4.5.1 is a fully supported release on all platforms, and will continue to be available even after WebObjects 5 ships. WebObjects 4.5.1 will be available in early 2001, soon after Mac OS X ships. We are not planning a public beta of WebObjects 4.5.1.

    3. EOF/Cocoa support in WebObjects -- Both WebObjects 4.5.1 and WebObjects 5 for Java feature the ability to create "thick" (two-tier) Cocoa clients (in Objective-C and Java, respectively). The developer tools will be bundled with the WebObjects product. We hope to provide a moderate-cost redistribution license allowing you to ship the EOF runtimes with your desktop application. More details should be available when Mac OS X ships.

    4. WebObjects Deployment in Mac OS X Server -- At MacWorld, Apple also demonstrated the new version of Mac OS X Server, built on the same foundation as Mac OS X. The new Mac OS X Server will include a full WebObjects Deployment runtime.

    5. WebObjects 4.5 Redistribution Agreement -- We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a license allowing you to redistribute the WebObjects runtimes with your web application (each key costs $699). The license is available at

    For more information on all this, please check out the updated FAQ at: http:///

    Ernest Prabhakar
    webobjects at group dot apple dot com
    January 9th, 2001


  2. One of the cooler things aluded to during the WWDC '2000 conference last May was that WO5 could potentially be "embeddable" inside any EJB server.

    Basically, since WO5 is 100% Java, and will start using JDBC2 as its database layer, it should be relatively transparent to any app server, if you configured your beans for "bean managed persistence". It would do the O/R mapping for you. This doesn't take advantage of app server integration via CMP, but I don't really see this as much of a benefit until better tools integration arrives.

    This would be groovy; the Enterprise Objects Framework is an extremely sophisticated persistence framework, with many business-object features missing from the EJB spec (basically more flexible relationship and attribute management features than EJB 2.0 dependent objects provide alone). Only WebGain's TopLink comes close. CocoBase is "sorta" getting there.