Does any EJB Server support DEPENDENT OBJECTS with CMP


EJB design: Does any EJB Server support DEPENDENT OBJECTS with CMP

  1. Hello folks,

    According to Weblogic 6.0 release letter, it doesn't support Dependent Objects as part of EJB 2.0 CMP.

    And as I understand from one of the messages of this site, neither does jboss.

    However, Cedric Beust's EJBGen seem to have facilities to generate code for it(among other things).

    So does the Weblogic 6.0 really don't support Dependent objects of EJB 2.0 or has it changed and didn't get reflected in release letter (Which I hope is the case).

    -- Ilker
  2. Don't know of an app server that does it directly, but TOPLink (WebGain owns it these days) does it and integrates nicely with Weblogic. Give it a whirl.
  3. hey,
     for using TOPLink in a production application do i need to buy that product??

  4. You do need to buy TopLink from WebGain.
  5. ok. thanx.
  6. WLS 6.0 will support dependant objects very shortly. The only problem at this stage is that the EJB 2.0 specification is still in public final draft and hasn't been officially released yet. Since dependant objects were still being morphed in different public drafts, the WLS EJB container implementers decided not to include dependant objects until the specification is officially released. They'll have a container with dependant objects ready within a month or so of the official specification release date.