how should i proceed to learn j2ee?


EJB design: how should i proceed to learn j2ee?

  1. how should i proceed to learn j2ee? (2 messages)

    i know only core java. i have been given few assignment related to jsp, javascript, javabeans, ejb etc. which i have to solve without any formal training. i have full internet access though. i even dont know servlets, xml etc. so where should i start? -- amol chaudhari, india
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    I have never taken a course that was equivalent to the knowledge gained from reading a good book written by an expert. Amazon reader reviews go a long way to figuring out which ones those are.

    Here's my list:
  3. I am a retired Engg faculty and a Java fan and instructor. I think that my tutorial ' An Introduction to J2EE' available in '' under jsp/j2ee articles will be very much helpful to you.
       Please try and in case of difficulty, do not hesitate to contact me at 'rs dot ramaswamy at gmail dot com'.
       Best Wishes.