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    I was wondering what thoughts other developers have about long running jobs. The current way at my place of work is a scheduler kicks off a job that calls a shell script which in turn calls a c program. The c program then does all kinds of data manipulation and then updates tables, etc...

    I would like to pull this type of processing into an Application Server and kick off the job from within there.

    What are your suggestions?

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    Hi Robert,

    I'm not sure if you're meaning batching when you're saying long running jobs. But we are developing two processes based in a proposed J2EE batch framework. You can get more detailed information o
    from the article "High-volume Transaction Processing in J2EE" at http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/20791/0. This framework divides the task essentially in two parts or interfaces: Chunker and Worker. Chunker produces chunks or partitions of data to be processed. This function is serial. And one or more Workers process de chunks of data. This function is possible to run in a parallel way on a application server. This design is very flexible and enables us scaling the solution in horizontal way by distributing the chunks processing on more application servers.

    Job scheduling is not an issue for us in this moment because we have different alternatives to initiate the job. Nowadays we are concentrated to explore alternatives to the traditional shell script calling a C program that is serial in essence. We think this framework is a good alternative.

    I hope this information may be useful for you.

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    Not sure what you mean by "J2EE way of running jobs"? In case you mean a java scheduler which can be coupled with your app server then try using Quartz.


    I have been running jobs using quartz, but not necessarily long running ones. But you could try out.